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I'm a New York City based photographer and filmmaker, with roots originally in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 


I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Denison University with a concentration in painting and photography, and a minor in art history. In college, my lifelong passion for painting grew to large format canvases up to 10 feet wide. In my thesis exhibition titled ‘Whimsy,’ I explored the deconstruction of fairytales and dreams, utilizing various mediums to bring an alternate, uncanny world to life.

After college, I started a career in branding, then spearheaded creative & marketing for a national music festival, before finally landing in television editing.


While my career now revolves around cutting storylines for television, I spend my free time composing stories through photographs and short films. My photographic style is heavily influenced by my painter’s eye. I use my camera not only to capture a scene, but often to create a sort of dreamscape — telling a deeper story through color, light, and composition.

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